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Friday, August 24, 2007

Feature Articles

How about a side of Kanten with that?
by Maureen Allen, M.P.H.

It's only a matter of time until Tokyo’s latest diet craze hits our shores. And I mean that literally. Because it’s seaweed! The new diet food is Kanten - a gelatin made from ground-up seaweed. It’s promising to be the most popular Japanese export since Yu-gi-oh. Sound gross? Maybe, but it has no calories or fat and adds bulk and fiber to food. Think volume without the planning. Read more...

Better Body: The Seaweed Diet
by Lisa Gonzales

It's a diet secret from the sea that makes people eat less. It's all the rage in Asia, but you have to look a little harder to find it in the U.S. If you can find it, it could help you get a better body. Read more...

The new natural diet method in Japan

by Aka Mari

My coworker, who's 45 years old, eats Kanten before his lunch every day. I asked why? He replied that it is popular as a new diet method, he has lost 2 kg already after two weeks. Read more...

The Kanten craze -
A popular new diet shows jelly isn’t just for kids
by Yukari Pratt

I have always tried to avoid following Japanese trends, but after a cousin rapidly lost several kilos on a diet that has taken the country by storm I decided to give kanten a look. Read more...

Agar-derived agaro-oligosaccharides prevent and cure inflammatory diseases, in addition prevent carcinogenesis.

by Takara Bio Inc.

For quite some time, Biomedical Group of Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd. has been conducting research into seaweed, which has been a staple of the Japanese diet for over 1000 years. Biomedical Group's research has focused on finding more about the chemical structure of the polysaccharides contained in seaweed, as well as their physiological functioning. Read more...

Seaweed Could Make Junk Food Healthier
by The Journal of Young Investigators

Junk food could be made healthier by adding an extract of seaweed. Read more...

Focus on Agar-agar Kanten
by Amy Pongrass

When people think of sea vegetables, they usually imagine dark green, salty weeds used to make sushi and salads. Agar-agar, otherwise known as Kanten, is completely the opposite. Read more...

Articles about Kanten

Japanese site

Various articles about Agar-agar Kanten, in Japanese.

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