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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Asian seaweed (Kanten) diet - Video Stories

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Excerpt from Empowered Doctor

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skusno said...

Interesting video everyone must take a look. I heard NHK had the same story on the benefits of kanten couple years ago.

Larizzani said...

Great news. It's time to get a healthy food in our society before it is too late. Kanten is new for western people. wonder where I can get this product?

skusno said...

You can always find kanten (known also as agar) in most Chinese stores where you live. Or PM me at the forum so I can let you know where to get if you cannot find that nearby where you live. Glad to help :)

skusno said...

You can get kanten (also known as agar) in most Asian stores. If you cannot find that, just PM me at the forum so I can let you know how to get that.

Kanten is absolutely a great seaweed derived product and it is true that kanten has not "seaweed" smell or taste at all as it has been processed using technology to bring such wonderful food for us.
Glad I can help.