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Monday, January 12, 2009

Agar-agar Kanten Recipe - Almond Pudding

Summer is always a good time in Australia. Sun, beaches, BBQ are always in the list. This time I will share with you some of my favourite recipe, it is Agar agar Almond Pudding. It is easy to prepare and yummy...

1 pack of Swallow Globe Brand Agar agar powder
500 ml of water
400 ml of Milk
100 gr of Sugar
Almond essence as desired
Fresh fruits as desired

200 gr Sugar
1000 ml Water

1. Mix Swallow Globe Brand Agar agar powder with water, sugar and milk.
2. Boil and stir until it is fully dissolved. Turn off the flame.
3. Add almond essence into dough.
4. Pour into a mounld, let it cool and firm. Cut into size as desired.
5. Syrup: Mix sugar and water, boil. Turn off the flame and let it cool.
6. Mix Agar agar with fresh fruits and add syrup. Ready to serve and best serve chilled.

That's it. Easy and you can enjoy the yummy pudding now.

PS. I use Swallow Globe Brand Agar agar powder and it is available in most oriental shops or you
can buy it online at


the hedonistcat said...

Ah, finally a website on kanten. I grew up eating lots of it, and used it to make bavarois. In Japan, I noticed that many of their fruit jellies were agar/kanten based (more delicate texture). I agree with you on the health benefits. I've been trying to add more sea veggies to my diet in some western style dishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
There is Kanten Forum as well, It is the forum to share anything about Kanten, dietary fibre and recipes. Here is the link "". worth to go and sign up. It is free after all.