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Friday, December 14, 2007

Another amazing testimony about Kanten

By Jimmy Widjaja

Recently my collegue received an amazing testimony from his relative that has been consuming kanten. Aparently, he just send her kanten powder as a gift, after consuming kanten regularly for a while she sent an email to him with a great testimony about kanten. Here is the testimony:

Hi On,

I really appreciated you and your sister Mei Mei, both of you are so generous to gave me lots of Kanten, after having drank Kanten for about 3 months straight, some miracle happend, I have suffering of my hands for more than 10 years, what doctor said I have carpaltunnel sydrome,and finger joints in degeneration, weakness and painfulness have been troubled me so much, and I can't believe Kanten has effectively reduced about 90% of my painfulness.

I wasn't expected Kanten has such effectiveness, because you had told me Kanten contains lots of calcium, since I'm a vegetarian require lots of calcium, so I just drink Kanten for calcium.

I would like to make special order for 250 grams of Kanten for 40 pouches (pouch
without individual box, in that way can reduced weight for mailing and sqeeze in the carton).I also wonder if I can get cappuccino flavor in pouch for 250 grams?



teeth whiteners said...

I have some pain in my hands but quite a bit in my knee joints, do you think this will help those as well?
I would be willing to give it a try.

skusno said...

Hi! I think you should give that a try. Since this kanten is a very good source of fiber with other minerals in it (seaweed origin product & extracted). There are health problems with many causes but most of them can be treated with one treatment to improve our health. If you think of it, when we have one health problem that leads to another. ( I will like to discuss this in the FORUM more in details and I like to invite you to read about that there) Personally I strongly believe that fiber, besides enzymes, is one of the top two most important part of our diet. It is true that you are what you eat. But then you have to make sure that those waste must be always discharge from our body system to avoid toxin substances build up in our body system. So, give the fiber a try and I am sure you have read and know what fiber is all about. Kanten is absolutely is good for our health and safe to consume by everyone. It is just a pity that the western world have not know much about the high fiber content of kanten, over 90%, as the Japanese do. I hope kanten will do some good for your health. For joints problems, you can also take fish oil supplement. Hope this answer you concern.