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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Features Articles - April 2008

How Kanten Seaweed Can Help You Lose Weight

By Eyeopening’s Xombytes

If you're looking for help losing weight, you may have to look no further than across the seas to our slender neighbors in Japan who use kanten to promote fullness and suppress appetite. Women who consume kanten for weight loss on a daily basis reportedly consume up to fifty percent fewer calories on a daily basis than women who don't. It seems that this Japanese weight loss secret is out of the bag as more and more American women add Kanten seaweed to their daily diet.

What is kanten? Kanten is a rather tasteless dried seaweed that's high in fiber with zero calories. It's also known as agar-agar by the food industry where it's used as a thickening agent. It comes in the form of a tasteless powder which can be mixed with a variety of food and drinks. So popular is the Kanten seaweed craze that well known chefs are starting to design culinary creations around this high fiber, white powder.

The high fiber content of Kanten seaweed seems to be at least partially responsible for its ability to suppress appetite. When small amounts of the powder are consumed in juice or other liquid, it expands in the gut resulting in a natural sense of fullness. It also purportedly has other health benefits related to its fiber content including the potential to lower blood cholesterol levels. An additional advantage is that this powder can reduce constipation and is high in a variety of minerals including calcium.

Kanten seaweed is inexpensive and can be purchased in most natural food markets. You may need to ask for it by the name of agar-agar. It's recommended that seven ounces of kanten be mixed with juice and taken before meals to help reduce appetite. It's important to take kanten with plenty of liquid to maximize the appetite suppressant effect.

Some other ways to use kanten for weight loss are to add a half teaspoon to your favorite iced or hot tea. Green or oolong tea would be good choices if weight loss is your goal due to their apparent metabolism boosting effects. The powder can also be added to soups, milk, gratins, and juices. The powder will take on the taste of whatever it's added to and does not leave an aftertaste. You can also find a variety of kanten recipes by doing a Google search.

If you're trying to lose those last few pounds, give this Japanese weight loss secret a try. It's an all natural solution to suppressing appetite and helping to promote good bowel function. Kanten for weight loss may be the additional boost you need to jump start your weight loss efforts.

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