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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Feature Articles - June 2008

Kanten Craze in Japan
by Yukari Pratt

It may be one of the more unlikely food crazes of recent times, but agar-agar (the flavorless, seaweed-based thickener used in soups and jellies) is hip — at least in Japan, where it is known as kanten. The reason? Read more click here...


Anonymous said...

This article was published in year 2005, and some people might be curious about the benefit of consuming Kanten, some will think that it might be only a myth.

But what I understand is Kanten has been consumed by Japanese as a healthy food for more than 350 years.

After the above article publication, lots of people in other parts of the world tried Kanten and so far, what I heard was a positive feedback.

I would appreciate readers who has consumed kanten to share their experiences.

Abigail - Sydney Australia

Anonymous said...

I am a natural food lover. I knew Kanten from friend a few years ago.

In Australia I can find kanten products in some oriental shops. My family love it, especially my kids. The pudding with Kanten was great.

Recently, I read comments of nutritionist in Healthy Food Magazine June 2008 issue saying that Kanten or Agar powder contains more than 80 per cent dietary fibre, which is around double that of unprocessed wheat bran.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I have heard a lot about this ingredient, but I have never used it.

Jackie said...

Haven't yet had the opportunity to try kanten - sounds great!