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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why do I have to take Kanten/Agar-Agar?

Is Kanten/Agar-Agar good for me?

Recently more and more people come to me and ask about Kanten and its benefits for our body.
Indeed, besides its delicacies, Kanten is one of the most unique natural food that provides many pluses for our health and almost unlimited uses in food industries and home recipes. Kanten is originated in Far East but now it getting known in the western world. Here is a brief story about Kanten. Hope it will help.

KANTEN – A Japanese word for Agar-agar is an excellent source of fibre extracted from Red Algae (Seaweed). KANTEN is unique since it contains no calories and is very high in fibre. In fact, 81.24% of its content is fibre, which is the highest among all foods. Naturally, It also contains minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus and Iodine which many diets are lacking these days.

Because of its high nutritional value, KANTEN has long been loved and consumed as a dessert and other cooking ingredients in Japan. Recently, KANTEN's natural jelling ability, mild flavor, and total lack of calories have made it a favorite with health-conscious cooks around the world.

Characteristic of KANTEN/Agar-Agar

1. KANTEN is highly unique because it has zero calories. The World Health Organisation categorized it as a "no limited" food.

2. Because KANTEN has neither a taste nor a smell, it can be used as an ingredient in combination with other seasonings.

3. KANTEN is a natural sea vegetable. It contains no carbohydrates, no sugar, and no fat. But contains 81.24% fibre which is the highest among all foods.

With its characteristics, KANTEN becomes the best dietary food. The following are some of its benefit when it is consumed:

1. KANTEN increases in volume by absorbing water in the stomach which leads the satiated feeling quickly. Even a small amount of KANTEN will provide a longer feeling of fullness and comfort in stomach as it slow down glucose absorption in the intestine, therefore reducing the calorie intake. Because KANTEN contains a good balance of nutrition but no calories, it will benefit your beauty as well as health.

2. KANTEN Gel absorbs glucose in the stomach, The mixture of glucose and KANTEN enters the intestine with ease. The speed at which the glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream is slow and rapid rise in blood sugar level restrained. Therefore, this process inhibits the body from retaining and storing excess fat.

3. KANTEN’s rich dietary fiber shortens the time that the food passes through the digestive system. Because the time that harmful substances stay in the intestine is shortened, risks of intestinal problems will be lowered. In addition, the dietary fiber contained in KANTEN helps to retain water in the intestines softening stool for more rapid and easy bowel movement. This process effectively eliminates bowel irregularity.

4. KANTEN absorbs bile acid that is expelled from the body when cholesterol is dissolved. In order to replace the bile acid, cholesterol is dissolved continuously. This process will potentially decrease the amount of cholesterol in the body.

Kanten World Editor - February 2010

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