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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Master Chef Australia - Great Agar agar dessert

Guess what! In Master Chef Australia - May 28, 2010 episode, Chef George Calombaris was presenting a fabulous dessert called "Rice Pudding with Orange Jewels".

George Calombaris said "Agar-agar is a substitute for gelatine, It comes from seaweed, and it is absolutely fantastic for vegetarian" and "It is absolutely delicious" Sound Great!

Chef George Calombaris had been voted as one of the Top 40 Chefs of Influence in the World by the Global Food and Wine Magazine. An internationally successful restaurateur, George owns three restaurants in Melbourne and one in Mykonos, Greece.

Find out the presentation through the following videos:

Rice Pudding with Orange Jewels by Chef George Calombaris

Kanten World Editor - May 2010

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