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Friday, January 28, 2011

Jelloware - The Latest Food Innovation

Have you ever thought what else you can do with Agar-Agar (Kanten) besides making dessert & jelly or cooking?

The latest food innovation is a Biodegradable and edible cup called Jelloware which is made out of agar-agar. Imagine that you have cups that are flavoured to compliment the drink inside. The cup is edible and any leftover can be composted. A good replacement of plastic cup at any party or function, and it is a solution for environmental friendly waste.

Jelloware was invented by "The Way We See the World", a product design consultancy based in New York. TWWSTW has the design of Jelloware comes in flavours like lemon basil, ginger mint and rosemary beet.

Jan 2011 - Kanten World Editor

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