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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Agar Agar in Orange...

Easy prepare agar in orange...
by Julie Askew


  1. Get the flesh and/or juice out of the orange (may put them in blender/juicer if you prefer), throw any seeds away. Tips: leave the inner whitey layer of the orange attached to the skin to avoid leaks.
  2. Put the orange juice in the simmer, add water if necessary to make up the 900ml liquid.
  3. Then add one sachet of plain/orange Swallow Globe Kristal Agar powder (add sugar to your liking) into the simmer and bring to boil.
  4. Then put it back to the fruit shell as pictures.
  • Beside oranges, you can experiment with pineapple, watermelon, dewmelon, rockmelon, grapefruit, thai coconut, etc...
  • Swallow Globe Kristal Agar powder comes with plain or pineapple, lychee, strawberry, orange & chocolate flavours. they are available in the markets/shops or online (

Kids will be happy to have it in their lunchbox,
Mothers will be happy to enjoy it with their friends,
Dads will be happy to finish it at any time :)
Teeth friendly to grandmas & grandpas (only the jelly part)
Non fat, high fibre, vegans will love it

Great & refreshing desserts or snacks for office meetings, birthdays, weddings, religious gathering (halal & kosher certified), light & easy meal after fasting, etc...etc...



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